What is the NFL Life Line?

The NFL Life Line is a secure, confidential, independent and toll-free telephone service that is intended to assist members of the NFL family who are in crisis, or who need more information and support for problems—whether it is relationship and family issues, work or career transition issues, physical or emotional health, or drug or alcohol problems. The NFL Life Line connects members of the NFL family to trained professional counselors who are not affiliated with the NFL or its teams. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What happens when someone calls the NFL Life Line?

Callers to the NFL Life Line, (800) 506-0078, will hear a short message stating they have reached the NFL Life Line, followed by music as the call is answered by a counselor in the NFL Life Line network. They will then be connected to a trained, professional counselor who will listen to the caller’s concerns, assess his or her needs and will work with the caller to come up with possible solutions. All NFL Life Line counselors have been trained to support members of the NFL family and address issues that those in the NFL commonly face.

The counselor may connect the caller to programs and resources available through the community, the NFL, its affiliates, and other organizations, or with a counselor at the closest National Suicide Prevention Lifeline center.

The NFL Life Line is operated by the leading national providers of crisis counseling services, who are entirely independent of NFL staff. No confidential information about individual calls is shared with the NFL, its teams, or any other organization.

Why does the NFL need a Life Line?

The NFL Life Line was created to support members of the NFL family who may be in crisis or want to assist someone who is. Crisis takes different forms and happens for a variety of reasons, from financial trouble, legal issues, physical pain, relationship challenges, difficult life transitions, drug or alcohol problems, or emotional stress. When such problems affect one individual, it affects others close to them, much like a team is affected whenever a key player is hurt. That is why this program is for the entire NFL family: current and former players, team and league staff members, and their family members. The NFL Life Line is there for all of them. The NFL Life Line offers support and resources that can assist members of the NFL family in dealing with whatever issues they may be facing.

Who can use the NFL Life Line?

The NFL Life Line is available for the entire NFL family—current and former players, coaches, team and league staff, and their family members. You can call to get support for yourself, or for assistance in supporting a member of the NFL family who is showing signs of being in crisis.

What is the NFL Life Line chat service?

The NFL Life Line chat service is an online chat for members of the NFL family who are in crisis. It’s free, confidential, and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you or someone you know is in crisis, chat online and get connected to our trained, supportive responders who can direct you to vital resources, benefits, and programs. The NFL Life Line chat service is available for current and former NFL players, coaches, NFL team and league staff, and their families.

Is the chat service secure?

Yes, the online chat service is secure. The only people who can see the contents of the chat are you and the trained responder.

What happens when I click "chat"?

When you enter the NFL Life Line chat service, a new tab will open in your Internet browser and you will be taken to the chat page. On that page you will see an optional field where you can enter your first name or nickname. This field is optional; you don’t need to enter anything if you don’t want to. If you choose to continue anonymously, you will receive the same quality care from our trained responders.

When should I call the NFL Life Line or chat online?

You should call the NFL Life Line if you are part of the NFL family and experiencing a personal or emotional crisis, or if you know someone in the NFL family who is. Often it is easier to notice the signs of crisis in someone else rather than in yourself, so call if you are concerned about someone you know. You can find out more about the signs of crisis and additional signs that there might be an underlying problem. If you or someone you know is in crisis, call the NFL Life Line now at (800) 506-0078 or chat online.

How do I use the service?

The NFL Life Line is very easy to use. Dial (800) 506-0078 from any phone or chat online from any computer and get connected to independent professionals standing by to talk, listen, and get you connected with resources and support that can make a difference.

Are there resources for people who may not be in crisis?

Yes, the NFL Life Line website has information on valuable resources for the members of NFL family, including links to pages on health and wellness programs, career transition support, and other benefits for current and former players. You can also call the NFL Life Line at (800) 506-0078 or chat online if you are not in crisis but are concerned about a member of the NFL family who may be experiencing a personal or emotional crisis.

Do I have to give my name or share personal information when I contact the NFL Life Line?

No. It is your choice whether or not to share personal information. If you decide to get support from the NFL Life Line, and a counselor asks for your name and some personal information as part of your conversation to help connect you to specific resources, you may decline to answer the question.

Is the service confidential? Is it free?

Yes, the service is free and information you disclose to the trained professionals on the NFL Life Line is completely confidential. The NFL Life Line is a service that is independent of the NFL, so any information you disclose is not shared with the NFL, teams, or any other organization.

The NFL Life Line is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of callers to the service. The only potential exceptions to preserving confidentiality is in the circumstance where an individual consents to have us share information with others, or circumstances in which an individual is at immediate risk of injury or death. In such circumstances where an individual’s life is in danger, we will share their information exclusively with emergency service providers and persons considered to be essential to ensuring the safety of the individual in immediate danger. Learn more about the NFL Life Line’s confidentiality and privacy protections.

What should I do if I have trouble calling?

The NFL Life Line is working hard to make sure that everyone can reach a counselor as quickly as possible. If you call (800) 506-0078 and are having trouble reaching a counselor, you can also get confidential 24/7 support by calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 (TALK), where you will be connected to trained counselors at local crisis centers that are operated by the same administrators that oversee the NFL Life Line service. If you are in a medical emergency, please call 911.

I am not in crisis but would like information about adjusting to life after NFL play. Do you have that information?

Yes, the NFL Life Line website includes links to NFL and other resources and programs to support you. You can access information focusing on former players, player health screenings, player programs and benefits, and other resources available to retired players.

What is the Wellness Check?

The NFL Life Line Wellness Check is a confidential questionnaire that can help you better understand the challenges you’re facing. Whether you feel like you’re not yourself or the issue is a bit more serious, the Wellness Check can provide you with a valuable private assessment.

Like the NFL Life Line and the chat service, the Wellness Check is a secure, confidential service. If you or someone you know is in crisis and requires immediate attention that the Wellness Check cannot provide, call (800) 506-0078 or chat online.